Chambers of Commerce

IT Trad Consulting created the first mobile app that manages the activities specific to a chamber of commerce.

The app allows the chambers of commerce to provide information on their activities and events to both their members (within the dedicated area) and to the public (under the guest area).

The Client has no time to waste …

All information the chamber wishes to provide is organised on the main page in an accessible and simple manner.
The image to the left is an example from a real app.

Via the buttons (“About Us”, “President”, etc.) from the upper section, both user types have access to the information provided by the chamber.

The buttons in the lower section (“Members only”) provide access exclusively to the members of the chamber.
A non-member user will be redirected to the subscription page if she/he clicks on a button in the “Members only” section, being thus encouraged to contact the chamber of commerce

The members will be the first to be informed, via the push notifications, about important events and information (i.e. new opportunities) provided by the chamber of commerce.

Members may directly contact the service provider or the potential client via the “Call for opportunity” button, once they have been notified on a certain opportunity.

The manager… manages…

All data, push notifications and information in the app are dynamic and may be managed through a web app very easy to handle.
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